10417508_590121181050_3492297350086511860_nIncredible Carl Nielsen Symphony
Carl Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony followed Rachmaninoff almost like a purification, and this was a cleansing of a both lyric and rough nature. Already from the light osilation in the violas with the simple third in the opening of the symphony, we were brought into a completely different world than that of Rachmaninoff.
The perspectives were deeper and full of bliss, breaking into chaos. In no other piece of music do we experience a snaredrum with such a narrative power creating its own inferno. But again this inner contrast, because we were in the inferno, in an elegant way.
I admit I had high expectations following the concerts with Tzigane and the orchestra in 2013.
And then came Nielsen’s fifth symphony, and all expectations were fulfilled and triumphed over reality. It was an incredible experience including a dynamic precision throughout the entire spectrum, which is remarkable in a work by Nielsen. There was a hidden tension, developing itself, only to be released and then again to create a new tension. The interpretation was not always according to the Danish Nielsen-tradition, on the contrary – new tones were found which again showed how the Dane is a composer of international format with a music language, breaching all borders.
The audience rejoiced and cheered, the orchestra praised Tzigane and the conductor saluted the musicians, who had contributed in a special way, and in this particular [performace of] Nielsen, it was all of them.